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Engineering Services


Engineering Services Specialist Areas

Our due diligence activities typically cover the following:

Data gathering from reference drawings / documents or operator facilities

Rig visit for collecting data, survey, gap analysis, or assessment

Feasibility studies and Conceptual layouts

Preparation of study reports and presentations to clients

Structural Engineering

Site Surveys

Foundation Design

Fabrication, Lifting and Installation Drawings and Documents

Design Verification For Document Existing Structures


Miscellaneous Structural Eengineering

This includes all type of  structural engineering, design, and drawings for fabrications and documentation.

Equipment foundations and skids

BOP lifting Frames

Stairs, walkways and platforms

Miscellaneous lifting frames

Pipe racks for storage pipes

All types of tanks engineering drawings for fabrication and installation

Additional mud tanks (active and reserve) (converting existing tanks or voids to be mud tank or install a new tank.

Towing Gears layout

Additional Mud Pump Installation

Derrick Man Escape device system installation


Provide Engineering Piping Drawing Schematic for all Piping Systems

Zero Discharge

Regulatory Compliance Studies

Special Periodical Survey (SPS)

Review the Thickness Gauging reports results and compare it with the original thickness.

Create structural analysis reports for Hull Scantling Justification to reduce the steel replacement to be done for the needed only of the critical areas.

Prepare a drawing for the steel replacement based on the thickness Gauging report and Register society surveyor.

UWILD Document

Regulatory Compliance Drawings

Comply With the Regulation Cods and Register Society Rules Approval

Firefighting and Lifesaving Plans

Hazardous Area Locations

Helideck Markings

Rig Name marking on Hull and Derrick

Marine Engineering

Superimpose layouts and platform approach

Anchor patterns layout